2007                Fellowship Award from the New York Choreographic Institute,

                        an affiliate of the New York City Ballet:

                        “Ripples” Choreographed on the Milwaukee Ballet Company

2010              National Endowment for the Arts

                      Ballet Memphis Corporation  Memphis, TN       $15,000

                      To support the creation and presentation of AbunDance: Make a Joyful Noise,series of dances based on vocal sounds. The works will be  choreographed by Trey McIntyre, Jane Comfort, Robert Battle, and Petr Zahradnicek

2010             The American Ballet Competition- Contemporary Solos

                    DIVISION III : 2nd PLACE: MARIE JERUC, 18
                        “Anticipation” Choreographer: Petr Zahradnicek
                        School: Milwaukee Ballet School, WI

2010            Hubbard Street’s 2010 National Choreographic Competition

                       One of the 20 finalists out of 160 submissions



VIDEOS        Petr_Zahradnicek_Videos.html

2010          Finalist in 13th McCallum’s choreography festival in California


2011         Winner of paid Engagement Award of 14th McCallum’s       

                  choreography festival in California


2012         Winner of paid Engagement Award of 15th McCallum’s       

                  choreography festival in California


2013         National Choreographers Initiative in Irvine, California

                  One of 4 choreographers selected for the 10th anniversary season